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Great people make great kombucha!

Humm Family High Angle

The engine that drives Humm is the Humm-sters, a diverse and dedicated group of professionals who handle every aspect of the company, from brewing and bottling to sales and finance. From its inception, Humm has cultivated a culture of appreciation, respect, love and joy. Humm-sters embody and nurture these qualities as they not only define the culture, but nourish it on a daily basis just as they nourish what you love inside our bottle. Being a Humm-ster means being a part of something wonderful (some might even say <whisper> magical), and something that couldn’t exist without them.

Get to know the Humm-sters in the pages below, or come by our first-in-the-nation tasting room to try some mix it up flavors and fill a growler – you’ll find it’s as alive as the beverage we brew.

Meet the Humm‑sters

  • Will Stevenson Will Stevenson Will Stevenson
    If time and money weren't a thing, I would be sharing my time and money :)
  • Tim Stanton Tim Stanton Tim Stanton
    If I wasn't at Humm, I'd be planning trips around the world.
  • Tiffany White Tiffany White Tiffany White
    I got my first Humm from one of the lovely taproom ladies. I fell in love immediately!
  • Sean Engel Sean Engel Sean Engel
    I love Humm's positive energy and opportunity to learn and grow professionally and personally.
  • Sasha Lawless Sasha Lawless Sasha Lawless
    I've shared kombucha with kids, cowboys, elderly, bikers & rockstars!
  • Ryan Kraten Ryan Kraten Ryan Kraten
    If I could do anything, I'd be enjoying the Northern Lights in Iceland. "
  • Ryan Holzhouser Ryan Holzhouser Ryan Holzhouser
    If I talked in my sleep, I would be calling elk.
  • Melissa Carter Melissa Carter Melissa Carter
    Many people don't know I'm a trained Opera singer.
  • Matt Anderson Matt Anderson Matt Anderson
    My spirit animal is a Flamingo because they chill with their friends all day and eat shrimp. #sochill
  • Mackenzie Stabler Mackenzie Stabler Mackenzie Stabler
    I love growing personally and professionally with endless challenges!
  • Lyle Jincs Lyle Jincs Lyle Jincs
    When I'm not at Humm, I'm exploring the Pacific Northwest through new adventures.
  • Lila Owen Lila Owen Lila Owen
    I love Humm cause we are building community, building branding, and meeting loads of new people!
  • Kelli Brichell Kelli Brichell Kelli Brichell
    I find magic in everyday life!
  • Julia Elliot Julia Elliot Julia Elliot
    If I were a sushi roll, I'd be a Dragon Roll, cuz I'm sweet and oh so spicy...
  • Jason Willis Jason Willis Jason Willis
    What's the meaning of life?!
  • Jack Nicklaw Jack Nicklaw Jack Nicklaw
    When I'm not at Humm, I'm probably fixing something.
  • Hayden Starr Hayden Starr Hayden Starr
    Drinking kombucha sitting at Moraine Lake at the base of the South Sister Summit is the best!
  • Greg Matigian Greg Matigian Greg Matigian
    At heart I am a Life Coach. I love seeing people realize and step into their potential.
  • Eric Ohlrich Eric Ohlrich Eric Ohlrich
    I love working at Humm because of the growth, both personally and professionally.
  • Eli Stabler Eli Stabler Eli Stabler
    My favorite cartoon character is Morty, from Rick and Morty. He likes to create things!
  • Dave Naftalin Dave Naftalin Dave Naftalin
    My spirit animal is the Golden Eagle. They circle me whenever they are around.
  • Caribou Martinez Caribou Martinez Caribou Martinez
    If time and money weren't a thing I'd be sailing around the world.
  • Ben Barger Ben Barger Ben Barger
    If I were a sushi roll I'd be a California Roll - basic and simple.
  • Andrew Berg Andrew Berg Andrew Berg
    I love Interacting with all the great Humm customers in the taproom.
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