Humm as You Are

Welcome to Humm! Join our chorus as we humm our way through a beautiful day. Don’t know the song? Just humm along!

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Happenings at Humm

What people are saying

  • My wife LOVES and I mean LOVES! humm Kombucha! I just wanted to reach out to you say thank you for making her day... week... month... YEAR!!!” –Dan S.
  • I just wanted to say thanks. Your product beings delight to my midday 2pm crash! Coconut lime, vanilla chai and apple sass are my favorites. I love the artwork, positive vibes and good energy I receive. My favorite is the joyous sun above the 'u' in 'humm' Keep up the great work! Kudos for achieving your dream and doing what you love!” –Marina
  • Enjoying your Humm Kombucha! Tried some when I was visiting the Albany Costco with my daughter in law and bought 2 cases. Enjoying the quality, the unique flavors, and the way it makes us feel!” –Berit M.
  • “I just wanted to let you guys know that out of all of the different kombucha brands I have tasted, yours is by far the tastiest!! Keep doing what you guys do and thank you for the best kombucha ever!” –Love and good vibes, Jordan
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