Leading with Love

Since the company’s first days, a culture of inclusion and open communication has been cultivated by the founders and leaders of Humm. Jamie and Michelle believed that business could be done differently; that what would set Humm, then called Kombucha Mama, apart was an enthusiasm for challenging convention and asking the questions, “What is possible?” and, “What if we treated staff and business partners with as much love and respect and honor as exists within the cherished relationship of mother and child?” They set out to do business in a way that was true to their vision of the world; a vision of peace, mutual respect, and equality. As Humm has grown, it has attracted a team of individuals who “get it.”

At Humm, every position and person is equally valued. We’re all in this together, and there is an overwhelming sentiment that every Humm-ster feels in which they know that their job is as important as any other job in the company. Everyone shares in each success, and everyone learns from every failure. Many new positions are filled from within the company, fostering a sense of continuity and opportunity.

Humm’s leadership reinforces the company’s philosophy with regular staff retreats and training seminars that not only offer Humm-sters new skills, but also teach them to recognize their own strengths and the strengths of their team members. Humm consistently promotes a culture of optimism to staff.



Our Founders: Michelle Mitchell and Jamie Danek