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The Natural Products Expo Wrap-Up

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You know the feeling you got as a child when your birthday was a week away? The anticipation, excitement, being unable to sleep or sit still because you wanted it to be that day so badly…

Well, that’s the feeling Humm Kombucha has had for many months (if not years!), and our proverbial birthday was The Natural Product Expo West which took place from March 9th – 13th in Anaheim, CA.

The 2016 Natural Product Expo West included 77,000 attendees and nearly 5,000 vendors in the natural and organics industry – it was the biggest year to date!

For Humm Kombucha, it was an experience like none other. Manufacturers, retail buyers, wholesalers and distributors, and investment firms all met together looking for new and interesting brands to help take to the next level. Needless to say, Humm was both new and interesting to those in attendance.


Our booth was humming at the
Natural Products Expo West

“This was great exposure for a small, historically regional beverage company, to gain national and international exposure,” said Jamie Danek, CEO of Humm Kombucha. “Not only did we meet new potential partners, but we got to greet in-person, retailers, press and wholesalers we have been working with for years! It was really beneficial for all of us.”

The look of the Humm Kombucha booth was a big reason for our success at Expo West. While we operated on a tight budget, our booth was highly engaging. People would raise their eyes, look around and start asking questions of the five cheerful Humm-sters who were sharing samples and educating everyone on the health benefits of kombucha.

More than anything else, the Natural Product Expo West was fun. Humm Kombucha makes a product that helps people feel good, and this experience, for us, felt great. See you next year at the Expo!