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Mother’s Day in the Business World

When Jamie and I first started Kombucha Mama, now Humm, we asked ourselves the question: Is it possible to take care of each other in business like a mother takes care of her child? We wondered if the business world was ready for this type of interaction. Did this connection even make sense, outside a family setting?

Here’s what we knew. We knew we wanted to take care of our community. We knew we wanted to create an environment in the workplace where people were genuinely happy and fulfilled. We knew we wanted our staff to have space to grow personally and professionally and we believed that if we created such a space, they would thrive.

While both Jamie and I had some business experience, most of it was negative or simply uninspiring. And looking around, that seemed to be the norm. Why was that? It didn’t make any sense to us. I mean, how hard is it to take care of one another and why does that notion seem to dissipate the further one gets from the family unit?

On this Mother’s Day, we want to honor the essence of what it means to be a mother. To care for one another, without judgement, and with an unconditional amount of love and support for each other, is a quality we are all born with. If you’ve ever taken moments to look into a young child’s eyes, you’ll see it’s all there.

Holding this nurturing space in the business world doesn’t mean complacency. In fact, our experience is the opposite. The more room people have to spread their wings and step into their power, the stronger they become. There is a strength that rises in having the courage to be vulnerable, and having the permission to make mistakes and fix them. At Humm, we do have a lot of that space. We also have very high expectations, and, almost always, people rise to the challenge.

So on this Mother’s Day, we invite you to celebrate the heart space that perhaps has been scary to acknowledge. We invite you to wish your mother and grandmother and all the “mothers” in your life a world of gratitude for the gifts they have shared with you. We invite you to extend this gratitude as far as you can imagine, maybe even to include Mother Earth. 🙂 And beyond that, ask yourself the question, where in my life can I open up space for this unconditional love to flow into, even if it’s just a drip at a time. Can you imagine a world where we all really did take care of each other as a mother does a child? Wow, sounds like heaven. <3

All our love,


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