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Meet the Humm-ster | Ryan Holzhouser


My journey to kombucha: it kind of snuck up on me. I’d tried several different kinds, including a tasty home brew my wife Cailtlin made.  I typically found myself sipping them as I would a hot tea. One day I tried an ultra cold lemon ginger by Humm. I found myself wanting to chug it. Yum! My 20 oz. hydroflask didn’t stay refilled for long.  I had a funny thought; seeing how I was acquiring such a taste and craving for kombucha, I wonder if they are hiring?  I started working on my resume.

At the time I was working at a lawn and garden center as a repair tech, a trade I had learned while attending community college.  After college, I continued working in the chainsaw and lawnmower industry for over ten years. I really enjoyed diagnosing, repairing and returning broken machines into workable equipment again.   My awareness of my constant contact with chemicals and always returning home with the smell of stale gas had me searching for a new direction. I traded small mowers for big lifts and landed a job as a mountain ski lift mechanic. The daily challenges that job presented were humbling to say the least.  In another adventure, I helped design and build a movie set in Sisters, OR. I was part of the film from start to finish.  I have a new appreciation for movies and the process of their creation!   Not long after the movie wrapped up and the stars went back to Hollywood, I got word back from Humm about the position in packaging and production.

WOO HOO I work at HUMM!!!!!!  I get to help in the creation and growth of a magical tea.  My contribution to the process begins after the harvest of the tea from fermentation tanks. We package and ship this delicious elixir of life nationwide. In the year and a half I have been employed at Humm our packaging line has evolved daily. It’s growing just like the scobys to unimaginable heights. We take this tea from fermentation, to brite tanks to bottles. Once filled, each individual bottle is transformed into a vessel of love, waiting to be opened and humm your taste buds off. OK, seriously though, Humm is more than a great tea; the Humm family is creating a culture packed full of hugs, high fives and great vibes.

I often find myself chasing thoughts of deep powder, steep wind lips and no lift lines. When not soaring through the clouds I’m usually at home tending to our little homestead just south of town. Using a lot of the skills I acquired as a kid growing up on a farm, my wife and I have notched out a sweet little place to call home. We have gardens, chickens and a ½ acre archery range.  During September my lifelong passion for archery takes me deep into the forested canyons of elk country in pursuit of the high mountain whistle.   I really enjoy being surrounded by wildlife and nature. I find this a great place to recharge my internal batteries.  If you stop by the brewery and hear elk calls I am probably working.  Come say hi, give a  high five or a hug is always appreciated.

I have enjoyed my journey into Hummland. Being a part of such an awesome product and beautiful tribe is really fulfilling and is gratifying daily. I hope you enjoy drinking Humm as much as we love producing it!



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