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Is Kombucha the Next Superfood?

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a … Superfood?

You may have heard certain foods called “superfoods.” Exceptional foods with life-enhancing, and possibly even life-extending qualities. That got us wondering: Is kombucha a superfood?

What does the word ‘superfood’ bring to mind for you? A robust stalk of broccoli? A bowl of plump blueberries? A plank of delicious salmon? Does it evoke the image of a Greek yogurt wearing a cape made of kale? Because if it does we’re totally pitching that concept to the Cartoon Network.

Superfood signal in the sky

There’s no strict definition of what makes a superfood, but it’s generally understood to be food that is nutrient rich and healthy. Foods that commonly make lists of superfoods include the aforementioned broccoli, blueberries, salmon, Greek yogurt and kale, as well as oatmeal, green tea, spinach, eggs, apples and many more.

Bushel of apples

Some people also ascribe qualities such as “enhances well-being” to superfoods. And foods that make you feel better about your life really are super!

Nothing makes us feel better than a tall glass of kombucha! Kombucha’s health benefits are myriad, from health-restoring probiotics to cleansing antioxidants, and many people make kombucha a daily part of their diet. As a delicious low-sugar alternative to soda that’s packed with good bacteria or a morning pick-me-up, kombucha is hard to beat.

Kombucha has all the health-enhancing benefits of green tea, plus beneficial bacteria that make a gut happy. And a happy gut makes for a happy brain.

So is kombucha a superfood? A superdrink? We’ll leave that up to you. But one sure-fire way to make a good day super is to kick back with a bottle of Humm and listen to the sweet grooves of the Brit-pop band Superfood.

Super fun!