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Kombucha makes April Better

What parts of life does kombucha make better? OK, that’s kind of a silly question. Everything! Duh!

Let’s see … It makes mornings better, afternoons better, evenings better. It makes dusk better! Midafternoon or midnight, a cool glass of kombucha will make it just a little bit better. That sweet-but-not-too-sweet zing splashing around your mouth, quenching your thirst and making the moment just that much better.

Humm bottles

What is it about kombucha that so enhances life? In part, it’s how it makes you feel; energized, vital and sharp. Abounding with vitamin B12 and good bacteria, kombucha is the perfect complement to a healthy, active lifestyle. Further, Kombucha isn’t a drink to be gulped down. The nuanced flavor lends itself to taking a moment to take it all in. To appreciate not just the beverage, but wherever you are enjoying it; whether sipping on the beach, enjoying with a meal or just dropping the kids off at school.

We tried to think of times it wasn’t great to drink kombucha but all we came up with was:

  1. While you’re deep sea welding. (No free hands)
  2. While operating during brain surgery. (Unless you’re thirsty, then it’s probably OK)

Doctor who needs kombucha

Let’s take a look at a few ways kombucha can enhance your life this April.

April is Straw Hat Month: Are you the kind of person who can throw on a straw hat and make it look good? If you are, then maybe you already wear one all the time. Man, we wish we could own a look like that! For the rest of us, the straw hat challenged among us, April offers a shame-free opportunity to rock that straw hat, be it a boater, a Panama or an Asian conical hat.

Man in straw hat

Someone who knows how to wear a straw hat with style.

We don’t care what anyone says, we think we look great in this hat. You know what’s gonna do it one better? A tall, fresh-poured glass of Humm’s Lemon Ginger kombucha, that’s what.

2. Walk to Work Day, Friday, April 7: It can be hard to find the time to get a walk squeezed into a busy work day, but here’s a day that makes it mandatory. We know what you’re saying, “But Humm, I work 75 miles away from my home!” Well, you better start walking. If you head out early on Friday morning you’re going to be at work by midday Monday, no problem. You may want to bring an entire cooler of kombucha along. You’ll be pretty thirsty twenty miles in.

3. Dolphin Day, Friday, April 14: It’s impossible not to love these beautiful, friendly sea mammals. If you’re near one of their habitats, why not take a boat out to see them frolic and hunt in their natural environs?

A dolphin

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Trivia question: Do dolphins like kombucha?
Answer: We have no idea, but here are 10 real facts about dolphins.

If you’re not near the water, this is a great time to watch all 88 episodes of ‘Flipper.’

4. Tax Day, Tuesday, April 18: What?! Didn’t we just file taxes last year? It’s already that time again. And hey, we get a couple of extra days before sending our forms to the IRS this year. Which forms do we need again? Can we still use the 1040EZ? That one was easy. Oh, ha, we get it now. Good one, IRS.

To make them more fun, make a kombucha drinking game out of doing your taxes: Claim a deduction, take a sip. Figure out what an exemption is, take a sip. Call a tax filing service, finish the bottle.

Tax forms

There are only two things certain in life: kombucha and taxes

International Dance Day, Saturday, April 29: Hey, your taxes are done. Let’s dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues, or just shake a leg to whatever moves you. Few things are as wonderful for your body and soul as dancing. Check your local listings to see what bands are in town, or just throw on your favorite album and boogie down like nobody’s watching. You don’t need a reason to dance, but International Dance Day is as good as any.

And once you’ve worked up a sweat, that cold kombucha is gonna be so nice you’ll feel like this: