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Kombucha gets you to dessert faster and healthier

Dessert anyone? We love it!  But sometimes our love of dessert causes a major sugar spike (and inevitable crash). The start of a new year is a perfect time to take stock and rethink some of our usual sweet suspects. Why not reduce the added sugar and add in a little antioxidants and probiotic-packed flavor to your next confectionary creation? Using kombucha in desserts is like a secret flavor weapon — it’s a quick way to add flavor and sweetness with the added bonus of vitamins and antioxidants. Let’s look at some ways to swap out the sugar for some antioxidants and probiotics!

Apple Chai Pie Picture

This apple chai pie has special spicy ingredient – Chai Humm Kombucha. Comfort food? Sign us up! The chai spices and tart kombucha pair really perfectly with the fresh apples and a chai caramel sauce. We’ll take ours a la mode, please!

Blueberry Mint Cheesecake

By using a healthy flavor booster like kombucha, you aren’t just enjoying your slice of cake – you’re also enjoying a healthy dose of  anti inflammatory foods like blueberries and green tea. You can have your (cheese) cake and eat it too with this blueberry mint cheesecake. It’s got a classic cheesecake base with a perfectly sweet kombucha and blueberry topping. It’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the gut.

Coconut Berry Bites

To some, ice cream is the ultimate dessert and must be kept on hand at all times. Here’s a swap that is a lot like your favorite frozen treat, and is a perfect two bite size. You can stock your freezer with these Coconut Berry Bites and have them ready and waiting for when the craving strikes. These little bites are like a tropical vacation for your tastebuds with a double hit of antioxidants from the dark chocolate coating.

Pomegranate Lemonade with Pomegranates and Lemons

What if you’ve had one of those days that has you left tired and in need of pick-me-up — but no energy left to spend it in the kitchen? No worries – just twist the cap off a bottle of Humm and enjoy the perfect after dinner digestif. Sometimes there’s just nothing like #netflixandchill — with a chilled kombucha, that is.