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Kombucha Cocktail Hour

With the days getting longer and warmer we turn our attention outside. The scent of blooming flowers fills the air, birds are singing again and all around life springs anew. And what better way to enjoy the rays of a late afternoon sun than by sitting out on your porch/deck/lanai/gazebo with a cool, tasty cocktail? Whether in contemplation or celebration, sipping a refreshing aperitif (with or without alcohol) is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the season.

A cocktail

If you’ve found your way here there’s an excellent chance you’re already a fan of kombucha, the delightfully effervescent beverage we brew here at Humm, so you’re probably ahead of the curve.

Here in Bend, Ore., where we brew Humm kombucha, it’s hardly out of the ordinary to see a kombucha cocktail on the menu of the many restaurants around town. Bend restaurants that feature kombucha cocktails include Spork, The Brown Owl, Silver Moon Brewing, Pacific Pizza, Looking Glass Imports and Cafe and Astro Lounge. Know of another place doing something creative with kombucha? Let us know!

Cocktails made with Humm kombucha.

Kombucha kicks your cocktails up a notch!

There are innumerable reasons and ways to substitute kombucha for other elements in your cocktails:

Detox while you retox: Many people have sung the benefits of drinking kombucha, and its high-level of antioxidants is often cited. We know that alcohol can have damaging effects on the liver, so why not give your organ a leg up by mixing in some beneficial kombucha?

Works as a substitute for soda or juice: Many cocktail recipes call for a splash, jigger or wallop of soda or juice. We enjoy these beverages, but they usually have a great deal of sugar in them. Subbing in kombucha allows you to retain the fizz of soda or the flavor of juice without so much added sugar, though many recipes will still ask you to add some juice along with the kombucha.

Get creative: Maybe the coolest thing about using kombucha in your cocktails is the amazing array of flavors that you can find in the kombucha aisle of your local market. We’re blown away by the innovative combinations our fellow brewers are coming up with, and it challenges us to keep upping our game with more brilliant concoctions.

Consider the possibilities you can achieve when you start with High Country Kombucha’s Tumeric Beet or Goji Berry. What kind of cocktail would you concoct with a base of Kombucha Wonder Drink’s Essence of Peach? Perhaps a shot of rum and a mint spring will turn it into something magical. There are literally flavor combinations nobody has ever tried out there. So why are we wasting time with the same old gin and tonic or rum and coke when we could be mixing Humm’s Mango Passionfruit and rum?

Here are a few of our favorite kombucha cocktail recipes:

The New Frontier
Humm Kombucha’s Pomegranate Lemonade
Rye whiskey
Mint leaves
Lime wedge
Agave or simple syrup to taste 🙂

Deep Sea Mojito
Humm Kombuchaʼs Blueberry Mint
Light rum
Splash of orange juice

Hot Mama
Humm Kombuchaʼs Apple Sass
Bend Distilleryʼs Crater Lake Pepper Infused Vodka
Muddled mango and orange
Squeeze of lime
Orange peel twist
Lightly sugared rim

If none of those floats your boat, check out these fun and fancy kombucha cocktails.

And when the season changes again, stay warm with some sweater weather cocktails.

Not into booze? No problem! Kombucha makes a great mocktail as well. Mix some kombucha in a fancy highball or martini glass with a splash of soda, a squeeze of lime and garnish appropriately. Great for non-drinkers and kids who want to get in on cocktail hour!