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4-Time Disc Golf World Champion Paige Pierce Drinks Humm Kombucha

Paige Pierce is a 4-time Professional Disc Golf Association World Champion and a member of the HummSquad

Paige has also won 14 other professional national tournaments including becoming the first woman to win the U.S. Disc Golf Championship Performance Flight. A member of the Dynamic Discs World Champion Team, she has consistently ranked among the top four professional female players since 2011. She even has her own signature disc called the Lucid Convict. Talk about disc dominance! She opened our conversation by explaining how her passion for the sport began with some fun father-daughter time when she was a little kid.

Is disc golf a growing sport?

It’s growing rapidly. I see it in my day-to-day life and as I travel. And the numbers would show it, too. Several years ago, when I’d wear a disc golf shirt, people would ask me about it because they were intrigued. At that time, most people hadn’t heard of the sport. So, I’d explain it to them and sometimes get into long conversations about it.

Now, more people know about it. I still get stopped when wearing my disc shirts, but now people want to talk about disc types they prefer or courses they like. This happens to me daily. It’s so cool.

If you could personally present a bottle of Humm to anyone, who would it be and why?

Recently, during a tournament, I stayed with a host in Houston who works for NASA and she gave me a tour of the facility. When we were there I saw a live video of Peggy Whitson. She’s the astronaut and space station crewmember with a bunch of records including spending the longest time in space. I would like to personally give her one — in space. Who wouldn’t want to drink Humm in space!

Stay tuned for Paige’s full HummSquad Profile coming to the HummSquad page soon!