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Humm Kombucha Reader Story

Congratulations, Heather Jones!

One Humm Drinker’s Success Story

Reader Story

This Beaverton, Ore. businesswoman recently wrote in to tell us about her autoimmune disease called asplenia, caused by losing her spleen in 2008. Heather explains, “I can’t make or keep antibodies to fight off colds and flu, so I’m sick year round. It’s frustrating and painful.”

Heather also has anemia and other conditions stemming from asplenia, and her doctors have prescribed antibiotics and steroids, increasing her digestive upsets and painful gut issues. “Basically,” she says, “I can’t absorb vitamins and nutrients from food, and I’m bloated and tired all the time.” 

Fermentation to the Rescue?

Hoping to help her feel better, enjoy life and start socializing again, her friends began recommending herbs and probiotics to improve her overall gut health, says Heather. “They also suggested drinking Humm Kombucha for the good bacteria and yeast. I started drinking it and those B vitamins seem to boost my energy and help me digest what I was eating.” 

Within days her tummy felt more settled. “At three weeks, I was back to eating whole foods again,” she says. “The most immediate benefit? I began to naturally drop pounds and lose excessive water weight, and my constant bloating began to decrease very quickly.”

“I’ve tried other brands of kombucha tea but Humm tastes the best.”

Heather has also been inspired to become a vegetarian. “I eat smaller portions, rehydrate with eight glasses of water each day minimum, and I drink two bottles of Humm Kombucha both morning and evening… and what a relief!”

“I lost 30 pounds in three months from this new way of eating, drinking and adopting healthier habits. My doctors agree that supporting and supplementing my cranky digestive system has resulted in big changes in how I metabolize food.”  

Exercise, Humm and Healthy Solutions

According to Heather, who’s turning 40 this summer, “I still have to take prescribed medications but I also use natural methods like exercise and probiotics to deal with the side effects of my medications and [my conditions]. I’m very thankful to have healthy solutions like Humm Kombucha.”

She says, “We’re moving to Albany, Ore. later this summer, and the first thing I did was search for Humm Kombucha in local grocery and health food stores. Thank you so much for playing a role in helping me regain my health!”  

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