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Humm Along on a Summer Road Trip

Hummin’ along in the Humm-mobile

Road trips are one of the classic hallmarks of summer. From spontaneous single day jaunts to calculated epic treks, road trips nourish our souls. They satisfy a desire for adventure and feed the need to recharge by finding new places to discover and explore. They are a rite of passage, a declaration of freedom and an American institution.

Chances are good some of your fondest memories involve road trips. These are the oft-told tales filled with high adventure, odd roadside attractions, fits of laughter and merry mishaps that are woven into the fabric of our lives.

Road trips can take many forms. Some are destination oriented: a music festival, a visit to see far-flung friends or family or the chance to explore that national park that’s been on your bucket list for years. Others center on the journey itself: getting lost and loving it, discovering backroads and following your fancy wherever it may lead. Each of these journeys offers their own rewards and pleasures.

Preparing for Your Road Trip

Susan Sontag wrote, “I haven’t been everywhere. But it’s on my list.” We hear you, Ms. Sontag. All road trips begin in your imagination, and making a mental list of the places you’ll go is part of the joy. Whether you prefer spreading your dog-eared Rand McNally map on the kitchen table or using the Internet to plot a course, step one is deciding on a location and a route. There’s a mighty big world out there to explore.

Whatever your destination or timeline, road trip preparation is paramount — and fun. Though there’s no single way to do it, may we suggest packing such essentials as carefully considered playlists (yes, there will be singing), a cooler of favorite snacks and bottles of Humm, a road map (you can’t always rely on GPS) and of course special companions to ride shotgun on your quest for good times. Be sure to also pack your curiosity and sense of wonder — and a good spare tire and jumper cables don’t hurt either. The battery life you save may be your own.

A Journey to the Sun

Humm Eclipse, via @corey_monson

Many people road trip to soak up some sun, and this year offers a historic twist on that theme: a rare total solar eclipse. On Aug 21st, you can witness this natural phenomenon by traveling the “path of totality.” This highfalutin phrase describes the 70-mile-wide path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina where the eclipse can be fully viewed in all its glory. It’s the first time in 99 years that an eclipse will sweep across the entire country.

If you’re looking for an ideal viewing place, we suggest Bend, Ore., home of Humm headquarters, which is located near the path of totality. (Coincidence? We think not!) So, if you’re not within optimal viewing range, join the caravan of umbraphiles (or “shadow lovers”) and see it for yourself. And be sure to use proper solar-viewing eyewear when you do. Yet another great reason to hit the road!

Take a Tasty Kombucha Tour

If you use Bend as your launching point to marvel at the celestial display, please pay a visit to Humm’s first-in-the-nation kombucha tasting room to stock up on your favorite flavors, try our latest creation and mingle with our friendly Humm-sters. And speaking of making friends, we encourage you to broaden your SCOBY horizons by checking out the many other creative kombucha brewers across Oregon. You’re sure to find flavors to suit any palate while also exploring this stunning state.

Wherever you meander this summer, kombucha is a healthy fuel to keep you alert, energized and joyous along the way. Happy travels, everyone!


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