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How to Make Your Own Kombucha Flavor: Spring DIY Kombucha Recipes

Spring gives us all a can-do attitude; yes we CAN clean out the garage, yes we CAN start up that new hobby and yes we CAN brew our own a kombucha recipe!

spring fruit and kombucha

This season gives us a fresh start and the daylight hours to really make progress on whatever our goals are. With the spring comes a new crop of fruits and veggies to experiment with, and it doesn’t take much to turn those into a tasty homemade kombucha flavor.

Brewing your own kombucha, or mixing up a custom kombucha flavor, is a fun, easy project (kids can help too!) and you can do it in about 1/16th of an afternoon. No big investment or garage full of special equipment needed (in fact, all the supplies you need are right here). So why not dip your toe into the warm spring waters of home brewing and give it a go with our spring kombucha recipes? You CAN do it!

spring kombucha recipes

When it comes to kombucha,  some of us love the flavor of the plain fermented tea. But others like to mix it up and go crazy! Especially this time of year, when we just can’t eat another winter squash and we long for the bright flavors of the warmer weather to come (eventually, it will come!).

Fresh DIY Spring Kombucha Flavors:

Oh, by the way: Just in case you are new to brewing kombucha, we got you covered! Get the full story on brewing at home: DIY Kombucha – How to Make Kombucha

To start with making your own flavor, you will need about 6-8 cups of already brewed, fully fermented plain kombucha tea and a large glass container that holds about 10 cups of liquid. Don’t have a batch of tea ready or want to skip this step? Try this shortcut: use the Original flavor of Humm Kombucha! Because Humm is live kombucha, it will keep fermenting a little and you can create your own flavor with it just like if you had brewed your own. Pretty spiffy — and speedy — way to get a little DIY kombucha into your kitchen.

On to the fun part — picking your flavor creation!

spring fruit

Spring Kombucha Flavor Combinations: 

Strawberry Rhubarb –– This is pure pie in a glass, minus the ala mode. Why not make a kombucha float while you’re at it?

Melon and Mint — Refreshing and light. Reminds us a little of Blueberry Mint, but of course more melon-y. We used cantaloupe here, but watermelon would be another excellent choice!

Nectarine and Basil –– Spring in a glass with a wink to summer days ahead. The nectarines can be substituted for any stone fruit you can find this early in the season.

These fruit and herb combinations will blow the winter doldrums right out the window and taste so spring-phisticated.

spring kombucha recipes

The DIY Spring Kombucha Flavor Method:

To make your flavor of choice, take 2 cups of chopped fruit and place in the bottom of your large glass container. It will take between 3-4 days for the flavored kombucha to be ready. If you want to speed up the process by a day or so, you can make a chunky fruit puree: in a blender or food processor, add 2 cups of plain fermented kombucha tea and chopped fruit and pulse to combine. You are looking for something in between a fine chop and a puree. If you decide to go the (totally optional) chunky puree route, your flavor will be done in 2 days. 

strawberry rhubarb kombucha recipe

Use a food processor or blender to get a chunky mix of fruit and kombucha.

If your combination includes herbs, muddle (fancy word for mash with a wooden spoon) ½ cup of fresh herbs into the bottom of your large jar or container along with the fruit. Add the plain kombucha to fill the container. 

Cover with a folded cheesecloth, kitchen towel or paper towel and tie a string around tightly. A rubber band works too, check that junk drawer! The idea is to let air pass through the covering but to prevent dust and winged critters from landing in our sweet brew.

strawberry rhubarb kombucha recipe

After 2 days, taste your flavored kombucha. If you like it, it’s done! Strain out the fruit and herbs, pour your special spring creation into a clean container and store in the fridge. To serve, pour into a tall glass (with or without ice) and sip while you contemplate the next spring project to conquer. If you want to mix up a kombucha cocktail with one of these DIY flavors, we would fully support that decision.

strawberry rhubarb kombucha bottled

Ready to take this whole kombucha brewing thing a step further? Try bottling your kombucha for longer (refrigerated) shelf life and to develop more carbonation. Here’s all the steps to bottle your brew: How to Bottle Kombucha

Enjoy the season and all it has to offer!