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The Gut-Brain Connection

AKA The Kombucha Drinker with Two Brains

Have you ever felt like your gut was trying to tell you something? Not the sound your stomach makes when you’re hungry, something more emotional and complex. Maybe something your conscious brain hasn’t even registered yet.

At Humm we spend a lot of time considering what makes a happy gut, and how drinking kombucha can help with gut health.

The expressions and idioms are innumerable: “Listen to your gut,” “gut reaction,” “stomach in knots,” “butterflies in my stomach.” They’re phrases you hear every day because we all live them. And today we know that flutter in your belly before a first date or job interview is your body’s way of trying to communicate with you. It’s all about the gut-brain connection.

Sometimes guts listen, other times they talk. Your brain and gut are having a conversation you weren’t even invited to.

Our intestines contain what scientists have described as a “second brain” with over 100,000 neurons. This second brain, the enteric nervous system, connects via the vagus nerve through tissue lining all the way back to our brain, allowing constant communication in our bodies from head to tush.

Feelings of fear, confusion, anger, joy and love all result in reactions in our intestines. Dreams and nightmares result from their communication. Drugs designed to affect the brain have unintended consequences for the gut.

So, where does kombucha come into all this?  Let’s get back to the gut-brain connection. 

Your intestine has a “microbiome” full of an amazing variety of gut flora, good and bad bacterias, chemicals and possibly that piece of gum you swallowed in 3rd grade. Maybe we didn’t need science to tell us that a happy belly makes for a happy mind, but we’re learning more about how our bodies work and the fascinating relationship between our brain and belly all the time.

Stress, alcohol and poor diet can damage our guts’ microbiome and throw the system out of balance, leading to miscommunications and misunderstandings between these delicate systems. So how do we take care of these them?

Kombucha, full of probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins, has health benefits which include helping to bring your gut into balance. If we nurture these tiny intestinal bugs they can contribute to caring for our brains. Prebiotics and probiotics create a healthy environment in our bellies. When we lose that balance, we open ourselves up to cognitive issues and other health problems.

Drinking kombucha daily is an easy and tasty way you can take care of your gut – and brain – every day. A happy belly.