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Humm and Whole30 sittin’ in a tree: Why we hooked up with Whole30 for our newest flavors

You probably have a friend or two who is ranting about their journey with the Whole30 Approved®. It’s not a traditional diet, but more of a wellness challenge where you spend 30 days building healthy habits and rethinking the way you interact with food. It’s been known to help with allergies, anxiety, chronic pain, digestive issues, skin conditions and more. Most people lose a little weight, too.

So, needless to say, we think it’s great. There’s just one problem- when it comes to healthy drink choices, the Whole30 can be a bit of a lifestyle change. That’s why we worked directly with the Whole30 team to formulate our newest line of products to fit within the certification needs for the Whole30 diet. In fact, Humm Whole30 is the only approved kombucha by Whole30. Think of new Whole30 Approved® Humm as a little treat you can pepper in while you’re on your 30-day journey to unlock a healthier version of yourself.

One question we get kind of regularly is what the difference between Whole30 Approved® Humm and Humm Zero is. The answer is really pretty simple: basically, Humm Zero uses plant-based sweeteners that are not approved within the Whole30 nutritional plan, while the Whole30 Approved flavors use fruit juices that fit inside the guidelines. So, it’s not a huge difference (and it’s not even that one is better than the other), but it gives you the option to enjoy kombucha while staying “on the wagon” with your month-long commitment.

Just keep an eye out for the Whole30 Approved ® logo on these 4 new flavors: Strawberry Blossom, Mixed Berry, Ginger, and Mango Lemon!

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