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Do You Thirst for Adventure?

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Discovering New Adventures 

What does the word “adventure” mean to you? Does it summon images of death-defying leaps from mountains or planes? Perhaps it musters visions of a road trip to places you’ve never been, or starting your new dream business.

For some of us, “adventure” may bring to mind the idea of learning a new language, instrument or skill. For others, it conjures thoughts of trekking to a foreign land, eating exotic foods and meeting new people. And for some, the word adventure makes you imagine falling crazy in love.

In film and literature, an adventure typically involves great peril and terrifying scenarios from which the hero must escape. Who hasn’t pictured themselves as Indiana Jones, racing through the jungle with a massive boulder crashing around his feet? Our earliest stories were adventures; sacred fairytales told around fires about heroes and gods, demons and dragons.

Then as now, the dragons served as metaphors for the great challenges of life, the very real fears we all face. The myths of each tribe gave purpose to their existence, a pride in their people and an example of valor and bravery.

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What Does Adventure Mean in a Modern World?

Today people are far more digital and removed from physical reality, which offers less exciting dragons and more common, perhaps boring, demons like the DMV or the cable company.

It is time to seek out your own adventures!

Here in Bend, Ore. we’re fortunate to have ample opportunity to do just that. Towering snow-topped mountains are the playground of extreme athletes, weekend warriors and sled-dragging children alike. Rivers and lakes provide adventures both exciting and serene. Vast forests offer a glimpse into the world of our ancient forebears, for whom each day was an adventure in survival and discovery.

Join the adrenaline junkies equipped with snowboards, skis, crampons and bikes, all the trekkers who thrive here, each carving their own course through an adventurous life.

What Does Quenching a Mad Thirst for Adventure Mean to You?

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Adventure, as we’ve established, is a broad term. For each person seeking a personal best velocity, there’s another walking on stage for the first time, or trying a new fashion accessory to see if they can pull it off. But as broad and varied as our adventures may be, there are some universal commonalities.

In adventure, we expand ourselves and glimpse what we’re made of. We put ourselves out there to sink or swim, hold up life’s mirror and say sincerely, “I tried.” We feel present. We feel alive.

On the Humm website, we ask our visitors the question, “Do you thirst for adventure?” We’re asking you to undertake a tiny adventure and try what may seem a strange and unfamiliar beverage at first. We also want you to join us in the grand adventure that is life, so that you too may feel the vibrations of Humm.

An adventure starts with humble roots and grand aspirations.

So run wildly, seek your own adventure. Write your story. Push your boundaries. Remember the words of Helen Keller, who wrote, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” 

Drink deeply of life each day, even if it’s just a small sip of kombucha tea.


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