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5 Things to Bring to Every Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving Table

Are you celebrating with your friends this Thursday? Perhaps partaking in a little Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving is the holiday for celebrating a home away from home with your family of friends. We can’t think of a better way to bond then eating until you want to pop (or until you pop that top button on your jeans).

If you venture out or stay in for a Friendsgiving this year, here are a couple of things to remember to bring along with you:

#1 A Good Attitude

A good attitude

This is the season to be thankful and grateful. Dishes might be piled in the sink or maybe the stuffing didn’t turn out quite right; it’s okay! You’ve got friends and family to help (or eat the stuffing anyway) and the important thing is that you’re spending time together. Letting go of these minor things will keep your day fun and not stressful. Just try to stay present and remind yourself that at the end of the day, it’s the memories made that count.

#2 The Classic “Grateful For” List

I'm thankful for...

If you do find yourself needing a little positive push, start making a list of what you’re grateful for. Better yet, share your list with everyone at the table and ask others what’s on their “grateful for” list as well. Try doing one round that is serious and one that is silly. Like “I’m grateful for my significant other.” Then the next round might be “I’m grateful for my automatic coffee maker on Monday mornings!” You are bound to discover a few quirks about your friends and share some chuckles.

#3 A Lighthearted Conversation Starter

A conversation starter

What’s that rule? Oh yea, steer clear of politics and religion? You may not be able to control what others want to discuss, but no matter what topics get brought up, listening and learning from others are always welcome guests at the Friendsgiving table. Preparing a few anecdotal Thanksgiving stories (or even funny stories about the friends in attendance) to share never hurts! You could also think of a couple open ended questions that you would love to have your friends answer, such as “Where would go if you had a totally free day?” or “What holiday traditions do you love the most?”

#4 A Helping Hand

A helping hand

Thanksgiving is a major cooking holiday which also means major clean up. Offering to help the cook or host goes a long way, even if they would rather tackle it themselves. If they are elbow deep in soap suds, refill their glass and set it somewhere nearby – when they are ready for a break they will be grateful for something to sip on. Offer to help on the way over too! Ask if they are missing any last minute essentials like ice or whipped cream for the dessert table.

#5 A Treat or Dish to Share

A healthy treat

Friendsgiving is fun when done potluck style! Bring your great aunt Bessie’s favorite pumpkin pie recipe to share (or even great uncle Store-boughts… no shame in that!) Don’t forget about drinks! Humm Kombucha flavors like Pomegranate Lemonade pair well with turkey and gravy or even Humm Chai for dessert. Plus, the probiotics in kombucha will help you digest all that delicious food (if only to make room for more!)  If you’ve got a hankerin’ to bake, try your hand at a Humm Chai Apple Pie.

Celebrating this season of gratitude doesn’t have to end when the last piece of pie is served on Thursday. Keep it going with your friends this weekend and have your own Friendsgiving. Just remember to bring the essentials 😉