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Quiz: Take our Kombucha Tea SCOBY Quiz

Our Kombucha SCOBY Quiz – Test Your Knowledge on Kombucha SCOBY!

Maybe you’re a SCOBY expert, or maybe you’ve never heard of one until this very moment.  For all of you Humm Kombucha lovers, a SCOBY is a crucial element for making kombucha tea.

Test your SCOBY knowledge with the quiz below. To SCOBY or not to SCOBY? That is the question. And here are a few more to learn on…
(Answer key at the bottom of the page) 


1)     True or false: A SCOBY is part of the fungus family. 

2)     What does SCOBY stand for?

a) SacCharomyces O. BrettanomYces
b) Super Califragilistic Oxyali Boo Yas
c) Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast
d) Sure, Coleen… Our Beverage is Yummy
e) Simply Cluster Organisms By Year

3)     How do you grow a SCOBY?

4)     Is it possible to make kombucha tea without a SCOBY?  ___ Y   ___ N

5)    What is a SCOBY used for?

a) Singing and dancing
b) Fermenting kombucha
c) Cleaning tanks
d) Adding flavor
e) Food for astronauts

Test Your Knowledge of What’s In Your Kombucha Tea

6)     A SCOBY is sometimes called a …

a) Mister
b) Madam
c) Mucous
d) Mollywog
e) Mother

7)  True or false: Do SCOBYs have babies?

8) Where did the first SCOBY come from?

a) Cleveland
b) Humm
c) Somewhere in Asia
d) The surface of the moon
e) On the edge of town

9) Which of the following foods and beverages don’t use a symbiotic culture in its production?

a) Kefir
b) Ginger beer
d) Sourdough bread
c) Kool Aid
e) Vinegar
f) None of the above

 10) True or false: A SCOBY can be dried out and made into a textile like leather.

Answers: 1) False, 2) c, 3) As kombucha is a live product, you can use a bottle of our original, pour it into a glass container and let it sit for a couple of weeks at room temperature (covered by muslin or a towel) and it will grow a SCOBY  4) It is, though it depends on your definition of kombucha. In its purest form, no, it’s not possible. At Humm we always use a SCOBY – they are the heart of our brew!  5) b,  6) e,  7) Yes  8) c,  9) c,  10) True.